NFL Vague Predictions: AFC South

Houston Texans:

Pretty bad. Wide receiver Andre Johnson should catch a lot of passes though, because he’s good. They’ll probably play at least one overtime game, but who knows, maybe they won’t. I like they’re chances to win between 4 and 11 games.

Jacksonville Jaguars:

Pretty good. Look for one of their offensive players to have a breakout year. While one of their defensive or special team players will take a big step backward. Injuries should play some sort of factor in their season. I see them winning somewhere between 4 and 11 games.

Colts running back Joseph Addai. Look for him to have both ups and downs this year.

Indianapolis Colts:

Good. Veteran leadership will probably provide them with some valuable things. The Colts’ passing game in all likelihood will be stronger than their running game. Look for that new assistant coach who they hired to make an impact, whether it be positive or negative. Go ahead and put the Colts, one of the most consistent teams year in and year out, down for anywhere from 7 to 13 wins.

Tennessee Titans:

Good. This year is a chance for the Titans, and some of their players specifically, to prove things to their respective critics. Injuries should play some sort of factor this season. Don’t let those certain off the field issues detract from whatever it is that’s really going on here. Look for a return to the pro-bowl for at least a few of their players. Anywhere between 6 and 12 wins is a strong possibility for this team.

Division winner:

Probably the Colts, unless something happens to Peyton Manning. Or they just don’t play that well. Then it would go to the Titans or the Jaguars, depending on which team lives up to its potential more. Of course Houston has shot at this thing as well.


About Andrew Sleighter

I'm a comedian from Seattle, recently transplanted to Los Angeles. I like watching sports.
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