Lebron motivated by former owner’s comments

The currently motivated Lebron James

In a recent GQ article, Lebron James says Cleveland owner Dan Gilbert’s letter to fans, which blasted James for embarrassing the Cavs on national television, gives him a lot of motivation.

“That’s the kind of thing I needed to motivate me,” James says. “It’s like, why should I practice today? Oh wait, that guy I wronged was upset with me… I’m gonna go shoot some free-throws.”

James says Gilbert’s comments have really had a profound effect on him.

“Now I know how Benedict Arnold felt when the Americans got mad at him for being a traitor,” James says. “He was like, ‘OK, that’s how it’s gonna be? Now I’m just motivated to be an even better spy for the British.'”

Lebron also pointed out that his hometown is Akron, Ohio, not Cleveland. So when people say that he betrayed his hometown, they’re being inaccurate.

“The second Akron gets an NBA franchise, I’ll leave Miami and play there for sure,” James says.

James didn’t back off his statement that Cleveland fans were “spoiled” by his play.

“Yeah, they cheered and stuff when I dunked or made three-pointers,” James says. “But they didn’t cheer that much when I missed shots. I mean, I tried just as hard on those, yet no one in Cleveland seemed to want to recognize that effort.”


About Andrew Sleighter

I'm a comedian from Seattle, recently transplanted to Los Angeles. I like watching sports.
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One Response to Lebron motivated by former owner’s comments

  1. cheneetot08 says:

    Quite through, I understand his sentiments. It is frustrating to be labeled something you are not, specially knowing you gave it your all, but still people don’t recognize it and instead look at things the wrong way.

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