Dungy: Rex Ryan swears too much, and other complaints

Former NFL head coach Tony Dungy in a recent interview expressed his dismay with New York Jets coach Rex Ryan’s cursing during practices. Of course, Ryan’s cursing is on display for the world due to the HBO documentary Hard Knocks following the Jets training camp.

Dungy has asked the commissioner to step in and do something about Ryan’s excessive foul language, but that wasn’t his only complaint. Here’s Dungy’s letter:

I was recently shocked and appalled to be sitting in my living room, watching HBO, and to hear cursing… from an NFL locker room no less. And who was the cursing from? A rookie? A sailor who had wandered in by mistake? No. It was from the head coach. The man who should be setting an example.

This Rex Ryan either needs to change his ways or be removed from his position. A foul mouth like that has no place in the NFL. And while I’m on the subject of decency, here’s a few other things I’d like to see addressed.

-Cheerleaders clothing. It should be less revealing! Preferably I’d like to see an even mix of men and women, with the lady’s and men in full track suits.

-Three-card-monte style Jumbotron games. These absolutely need to be banned immediately. Theses “Helmet Huddle” games clearly promote gambling, and have no place in the NFL.

-Gatorade flavors The names need to be less extreme. Calling your drink “fierce” and “X-factor” and serving it to players is just asking for trouble. A simple lemon or berry would do nicely.

-The center, quarterback exchange I’ve always thought there was a little too much grab-ass involved in this whole deal. It gives people ideas. From now on I think every offensive formation should require the quarterback to be in shotgun.


Tony Dungy


You should also eventually do something about all the domestic violence, dui’s, sexual abuse and dog fighting.


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I'm a comedian from Seattle, recently transplanted to Los Angeles. I like watching sports.
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