Jay Mariotti arrested finally

The world rejoiced this weekend to learn that ESPN personality and sports columnist Jay Mariotti was arrested. Police picked up Mariotti over a domestic violence incident.

He wasn’t arrested up until now because apparently gross exaggeration, overuse of cliche’s, hypocrisy and being dangerously smarmy is not yet illegal.

This “showdown” between him and his girlfriend turned physical when Mariotti became incensed over his girlfriend going over what he thought was her allotted time.

Mariotti, who famously criticizes athletes harshly for flaws in their personal lives on the show Pardon the Interruption and in his column, says this in no way will impede him from continuing to do just that.

“I still say Ricky Williams should be ashamed of himself for smoking marajuana,” Mariotti said from his jail cell.

Filling in for Mariotti on PTI while he deals with his legal problems will be Emmy award winning actor Tony Shaloub and former attorney general John Ashcroft.


About Andrew Sleighter

I'm a comedian from Seattle, recently transplanted to Los Angeles. I like watching sports.
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