Trent Dilfer’s Youth QB Skills Camp

Hey everybody! Superbowl champion Trent Dilfer here. And I want to talk to all the future NFL quarterbacks out there in the pee-wee leagues.

Do you love playing quarterback, but hate making mistakes? Are key turnovers costing your team chances at points in the red zone? Is your demand for playing time ruining team chemistry? Than I have a program for you.

I’m excited to introduce, “Managing the Game: Trent Dilfer’s Youth QB Skills Camp.” At my camp, you’ll get hands on instruction in the following skills.

-Throwing it away.

-The art of taking a sack.

-Cheering on your defense.

-Checking down.

-Taking a knee before halftime.

-Throwing the ball at the feet of the running back when the screen play has been blown up.

-Holding a clip board.

-Talking into a headset.

-Explaining to angry receivers they weren’t as open as they thought they were.

-Audibling to a draw play on third and long.

-Getting and staying within field goal range.

-Arguing for phantom pass interference calls.

-Walking slowly from the huddle in an attempt to milk the clock.

-And many more!

We’re also excited to have a collection of amazing guest speakers, including current NFL starters Kyle Orton and Jason Campbell. Sign up today, and win an autographed game ball from the Superbowl. It’s the ball I rocketed five rows into the stands after seeing my fullback was covered.

About Andrew Sleighter

I'm a comedian from Seattle, recently transplanted to Los Angeles. I like watching sports.
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