Mike Tyson’s biggest regret

Buddies Mike Tyson and Tupac

There’s an upcoming ESPN 30 for 30 film that analyzes the friendship between Mike Tyson and Tupac Shakur. In an interview about the film, Mike Tyson says about Tupac, “He always wanted me to smoke weed with him, and I never did it… That’s my biggest regret.”

Mike Tyson’s biggest regret in life is that he never smoked marijuana with Tupac.

Here are some of the things Mike Tyson has done in his life.

-Raped a woman

-Been swindled by Don King

-Told a man he was going to eat his children

-Assaulted two motorists after a traffic accident

-Got knocked out by Buster Douglas

-Declared bankruptcy

-Got a tattoo on his face

In an interview from beyond the grave with Tupac, Tupac says his second biggest regret is that his legacy will include an association with Mike Tyson. His biggest regret is getting shot.


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I'm a comedian from Seattle, recently transplanted to Los Angeles. I like watching sports.
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