Locker Room Cancer Insider

Welcome Eric! (I realize many of you aren’t named Eric, but I wanted to make it seem personal, so hopefully I’ll at least get people named Eric’s attention. If you’re not named Eric, just pretend it was your name).

I see that you’re not a Locker Room Cancer Insider. Upgrade today and gain access to exclusive content.

1 year membership = $9.99 a month

2 year membership = $8.99 a month (best value)

Monthly membership = $13.99 a month (worst value)

What is this exclusive content you ask? Well, that’s a shrewd question from a shrewd consumer.

It’ll be a lot like the regular coverage here on Locker Room Cancer, but more precise and filled with expert analysis.

Stories like, “Who’s going to pitch a no-hitter today?” or “Mel Kiper Jr.’s grocery list revealed” or “Recruiting classes ranked by social security number.”

See, good right? And you know how most of the interviews done here are made up? There will be real interviews maybe. But mostly it’ll be more expensive.

So sign up today and enjoy the upcoming exclusive content marked with an “in” next to the headlines. And thanks for reading!


About Andrew Sleighter

I'm a comedian from Seattle, recently transplanted to Los Angeles. I like watching sports.
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