Holiday Bowl bet turns ugly after Nebraska Gov. comes up light

Nebraska Gov. and novelty sports-bet addict Dave Heineman

Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman had his thumbs broken by two men yesterday after coming up light in his Holiday Bowl bet with Washington Governor Christine Gregoire.

When the Huskies upset the Cornhuskers last Thursday, Heineman lost a bet and was supposed to pay up to the tune of a selection of Omaha steaks.

“I just don’t have it,” Heineman said when Gregoire’s people came to collect. “Give me two weeks, when the diving team beats Texas Tech I can pay you back with interest.”

Gregoire’s goons weren’t in a charitable mood and proceeded to slam Heineman’s thumbs in a car door. He reportedly has 3 days to come up with the steaks… or else.

Heineman’s publicity-stunt gambling problem has haunted him in the past. Last year, after losing a bet to the Oklahoma governor on the Big 12 Championship game, Heineman wasn’t seen for three months.

When asked for comment, Gregoire stated she had nothing to do with Heineman’s unfortunate accident. But she did say with all the budget cuts going on right now, that it’s “a bad time” to be in debt to Washington State. And that if there’s anybody else out there who owes money or resources to the state, they might want to pay up to avoid any more accidents.


About Andrew Sleighter

I'm a comedian from Seattle, recently transplanted to Los Angeles. I like watching sports.
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