ESPN announces new program “Sports Religion” to balance against “Sports Science”

When Marshawn Lynch broke nine tackles to score a game clinching touchdown for the Seattle Seahawks in the playoffs, ESPN used it’s show Sports Science to explain how Lynch was able to make such a play.

In an effort to cater to those looking for a different explanation to how athletes excel, ESPN is announcing a new show, Sports Religion.

Sports Religion will have a God-centered approach and explain plays using theology, rather than science.

The host of the show, Rev. John Patrickson, says it’s about time ESPN acknowledged the spiritual aspect to how sports work.

“Sure, we can figure out how many pounds per square inch some boxer can punch with… But what about how hard he prayed the night before the match? Or how many times he’s been to church compared to the other boxer,” Patrickson said. “You never hear that analyzed. That’s the sort of thing we’re going to cover on our show.”

Sports Science host John Brenkus says religion has no place in sports analysis.

“I’m not anti-religion. But to suggest it should share an equal footing with science when it comes to breaking down sports plays is ridiculous,” Brenkus said. “This blurs the line between fact and faith and children who watch sports highlights need to be clear on the differences.”

The first episode airs this Friday on ESPN and is titled, “Tim Tebow: How his pro-life stance helped his transition into an NFL Quarterback.”


About Andrew Sleighter

I'm a comedian from Seattle, recently transplanted to Los Angeles. I like watching sports.
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