Top 5 Movie Sports

The internet is inundated with “Top Sports Movies” lists. While being original has never been a stated goal or concern of this blog, Locker Room Cancer is proud to present the first ever Top Movie Sports list.

What is that you ask… in a very annoyed tone of voice? Well, these are sports that only exist in movies. Below are the top five, in other words, the five I could come up with.

5. Quidditch (Harry Potter)

4. Basekteball (Baseketball)

3. Jump Ball (Starship Troopers)*

2. Death Race (Death Race 2000)

and finally…

1. Thunderdome (Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome)

*Just a few words about Jump Ball. Essentially, it’s Arena Football with a metal ball. The “jump” aspect of Jump Ball is that every once in while the ball carrier seems to be able to jump insanely high to avoid tacklers. It doesn’t seem to make any sense as far as how you name a sport. It would be like if they renamed basketball “Dunk Ball” after players got good at dunking. But lets face it, it was a flawed movie.


About Andrew Sleighter

I'm a comedian from Seattle, recently transplanted to Los Angeles. I like watching sports.
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