Glenn Beck rips Superbowl players’ conduct during Nat’l Anthem

Not patriotic enough? Glenn Beck doesn't know the half of it.

While on his radio show, Glenn Beck said he was offended by how many players did not put their hands over their hearts during the National Anthem before the Super Bowl.

He said he “shushed” his son and told him to put his hand over his heart when the song came on. “I was really offended by the sports players who were just hanging on their jersey,” Beck said.

Unfortunately this is just one of many signs that the NFL is unpatriotic. Also concerning to good Americans…

-Since Pat Tillman in 2002, the NFL hasn’t had one player give up millions of dollars playing football to sign up for military service.

-Only half the teams are in the “American” Football Conference, or AFC. There’s a whole other half in the more generic “National” Football Conference or NFC.

-Some of the commercials played during timeouts aren’t for American trucks.

-They got a lady to sing the National Anthem who didn’t know the words.

-The league repeatedly diverts military resources away from Iraq and Afghanistan for needless “flyovers” before games.

-The Dallas Cowboys, dubbed “America’s Team,” suck.

-Ownership in the NFL benefits from a socialist profit-sharing program.

-Lovable defensive tackle for the Bears William “Refrigerator” Perry sold secrets to the Russians.

-Only one player has been drafted from Army, Air Force or Navy since 1997.

-There’s a strong percentage of players who reject the ultimatum, “Love it or leave it.”

-A player made the change from the strong American name, “Johnson” to the vaguely Spanish “Ochocinco.”

-“Broadway” Joe Namath also sold secrets to the Russians.

-Out of all the players to have been injured to the point of bleeding in the history of the NFL, not one has ever bled red, white AND blue.

-There have been years where the Patriots have lost to the Redskins or the Chiefs.

-Green Bay’s kicker Mason Crosby currently sells secrets to the Chinese.

-Voter turnout for NFL players is alarmingly low.

-Legendary Green Bay Packer coach Vince Lombardi enthusiastically sold secrets to the Russians.


About Andrew Sleighter

I'm a comedian from Seattle, recently transplanted to Los Angeles. I like watching sports.
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