Reputation of the male cheerleader just took another hit

The male cheerleader fights a lot of stereotypes in order to garner respect from the sports community. People are often quick to say male cheerleaders are losers, know nothing about sports or just love wearing sweaters.

It’s even tougher to be a male cheerleader this morning.

Yesterday, during the Louisville upset over Pittsburgh, Louisville scored to go up five with 0.5 seconds left to play. That’s when one of Louiville’s male cheerleaders decided to celebrate by tossing the ball into the air.

This, of course, is frowned upon while the game is still underway and resulted in a technical foul against Louisville.

Pittsburgh sank the two free throws and had a chance to tie the game with a three, that fell short.

The technical foul violates the rule above all rules for male cheerleaders… “Primum non nocere” which translates to, “First, do no harm.” (Doctors later borrowed this phrase for their own little oath).

The male cheerleader, or cheerdude, had this to say in apology:

“I’m sorry my over-exuberance almost cost the team a win. When you cheer as hard as I do, mistakes can happen. Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad.

Anyone who knows the game would probably agree that without my cheering, our team probably wouldn’t be in a position to win anyways.

So, I apologize to the team and to the fans. But, I can’t change the way I cheer. This is the way I was taught. I will continue to wear weird pants, clap in a way that seems like I just figured out how to clap, and slap my megaphone with reckless abandon.”



About Andrew Sleighter

I'm a comedian from Seattle, recently transplanted to Los Angeles. I like watching sports.
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