Madden 13 New Features

Who says the Madden game is the same every year? Madden NFL 13 came out yesterday and it’s packed with game play enhancements and new features. Check it out…

Replacement Ref Mode:

Turn on this new feature and experience the wacky calls of the NFL replacement refs. Have fun while the refs explain the calls with their backs to the camera, confer with each other for minutes over the simplest of calls, and really get crazy with calls like 3-in-the-key and traveling.

Three In The Morning:

Does anything good ever happen out at three in the morning? Find out in this new Madden feature. Take your player through the nightclubs, dingy bars and maze of strippers and see if you can get them home without a DUI, assault charge or a mysterious dead body to explain.

Bounty System:

See how much cash you can pile up in a season by knocking out other players with vicious hits. Impose your own bounties on specific quarterbacks or receivers who annoy you in particular, and watch your teammates tee off on them after the whistle. Get advanced injury reports and go for your target’s weak spots.

Mark Sanchez Mode:

Experience the frustration of a real life shaky NFL quarterback. Throw a few picks in the first half with and listen to the stadium chant for the most popular guy on the team, the backup quarterback.

Postgame Blowup:

Script your very own post-game press conference melt-down. Really let those poor beat reporters have it after a game that doesn’t go your way. See if your rant can stand the test of time against “I’m a man, I’m 40” or “They are who we thought they were”.

About Andrew Sleighter

I'm a comedian from Seattle, recently transplanted to Los Angeles. I like watching sports.
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