Mariners Trying Kickstarter To Increase Payroll This Offseason

Finding it more and more difficult to compete in the highly competitive American League West, the Seattle Mariners are turning to the popular fund-raising Web site Kickstarter for help.

“I think it’s time the fans invested a little something into this team,” team President Chuck Armstrong says. “I mean, they’re the one’s who want one of these high-priced players so bad, maybe they should pony up.”

Kickstarter is a fundraising platform for “creative projects.” It allows people all over the world to donate money to a specific cause or goal. The Mariners are looking for $15 million to sign a major free agent this off-season.

The Mariners payroll has decreased for the past 5 consecutive season. The team hasn’t made the playoffs since 2001.

“It’s actually really cool for anyone who wants to donate to the cause,” Armstrong says.  “There’s little prizes for every level of donation. ”

Part of Kickstarter is to offer incentives to those who donate at certain levels. Here’s what the Mariners are offering.

Pledge of $10 or more…

“We don’t need the Sonics back” bumper sticker

Pledge of $25 or more…

“2009, The Mild Ride” DVD.

Pledge of $50 or more…

Autographed Richie Sexson double-play ball

Pledge of $75 or more…

Long-time Mariners trainer Rick Griffin will personally stretch you before one of your workouts.

Pledge of $100 or more…

Limited edition “Mariners Bobblehead Bobblehead” A bobblehead commemorating past Mariners bobbleheads.

Pledge of $150 or more

Rick Rizzs will call the birth of your first-born child.


About Andrew Sleighter

I'm a comedian from Seattle, recently transplanted to Los Angeles. I like watching sports.
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